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10 Unique iPhone 11 Tips and Tricks You Must Try

Apple’s flagship, iPhone 11 is a magnificent phone. With a better camera, bigger batteries, a better bionic processor you probably are enjoying lots of cool features already. iPhone consistently has been the device that makes it super simple to get the basics done.

But if that’s not enough and you want to explore more on what your phone has to offer then here are 10 iPhone 11 tips and tricks you would love to use. If you have got any of iPhone 11, or the 11 Pro or 11 Pro Max there are plenty of those features that you can jump into.

As long as you are running 14.3 and above you should be able to find these features, ready to use on your phone.

List of iPhone 11 tips and tricks

#1. Back tap controls

This is one of the coolest features you can configure on your phone. Basically, you can customize the behavior of the phone based on the finger tap count on the back cover.


For example, you want to take screenshots when you tap twice on the back – then follow these steps to configure:

  1. Open your phone settings.
  2. Then open accessibility and find and tap on Touch.
  3. In the next screen, scroll down to bottom and select Back Tap > Double Tap > set Screenshot.

Once the settings are set you can start testing it, tap twice on iPhone’s back to take a screenshot. Make sure your phone is unlocked while doing so. There are a bunch of features you can enable for either double or triple tap.

#2. Configure Voice Control

On android phones, you can control the device using “Okay Google” followed by instructions like open apps, which is not something pre-configured on iPhones. While setting up your iPhone, the phone asks you to configure “Hey Siri” with some regular sentences such as asking how the weather is.

But if you want to keep your phone aside and control everything with your voice then set up voice control in phone settings. You can simply start with –

Hey Siri, turn on voice control” then follow the setup guide provided.

  1. You will get a suggestion to enable/set-up voice control, tap on that.
  2. On the next screen, tap on Set up voice control.
  3. Select your prefered assistent’s voice then tap on continue.
  4. Make sure to check out the system commands and navigations.

Once fully configured, try something like “Hey Siri, Can you open Spotify?” – I find this amazing and handy because this feature can be really helpful when you are not in a situation to touch the phone with a dart or sweat on the hands.

#3. Sound Recognition

The next feature in this list of iPhone 11 tips and tricks is sound recognition. This feature allows your iPhone to identify specific sounds in the surroundings and trigger a notification right away.

This is a utility especially for those iPhone users who are suffering from hearing disabilities. To enable sound recognition…

  1. Open iPhone settings.
  2. Go to Accessibility.
  3. Then enable sound recognition.

If you are starting Sound recognition for the first time then you might encounter the sound list is refreshing… people have reported app crashes while they tried enabling this feature. In case you encounter such a problem make sure to check this guide on how to fix the sound recognition issue.


#4. Speak Screen

If you want your iPhone to provide feedback and suggestions as you type then speak screen is the inbuilt feature you can try. iPhone can speak selected texts on the screen or the entire screen and provide you text corrections whenever necessary.

To enable speak screen settings…

  1. Go to phone settings > accessibility > spoken content.
  2. Based on your requirements, adjust the following –
    • Speak Selection: To hear the text you have selected, enable this option.
    • Speak Screen: Your phone will read the entire screen, you will need to swipe down with two fingers from the top of the screen.
    • Speace Controller: Allows you to set controls for quick access to Speak Screen and Speak on Touch.
    • Highlight Content: You phone will highlight items as they are bing speaked.
    • Typing feedback: You can configure typing feedback for iPhone to speak each character, entire words, auto-corrections, auto-capitalizations, and typing predictions. In order to hear typing predictions, you will need to go to Settings > General > Keyboards, then turn on the Predictive option.
    • Speaking Rate: To control the speaking speed use the slider.

Once configured, you can swipe down with two fingers to initiate screen reading. You will have pause and play controls on the screen.

#5. Increase Camera Zooming

The next feature in the list of iPhone 11 tips and tricks is magnifying the surrounding. This feature lets you increase the zooming ability of your iPhone’s camera. The phone will create much larger images of surrounding objects and you can capture distant objects which appear to be much closer compared to what your eyes actually see.

iPhone 11 tips and tricks

Very good feature to read tiny texts and amplify small objects.

To enable this feature –

  1. Go to phone settings > open accessibility settings.
  2. Look for Magnifier option (should be available on 3rd position on the menu).
  3. Enable Magnifier setting.
  4. Now check your apps, you should find the Magnifier appliaction. (if not search for Magnifier)

#6. Control which features are available to users

You might have used this feature called guided access. This helps you manage app access when your phone is being used by other users. While guided access is active the user can only use one app for which the access is being provided by the owner.

This can be handy when playing games or important tasks on the phone to prevent other apps from interrupting.

You can active guided access in a few simple steps:

  1. Go to phone settings > open accessibility.
  2. Look at the general section at bottom of accesibility menu.
  3. Then enable guided access.
  4. To enabled faceID as password for guided access open passcode settings under guided access menu.
  5. Then enable face ID option.

Once these steps are complete, you will have to press the power button thrice to see the guided access option while an app is running. Then use your password or faceID and guided access will trigger to run only the current app on your phone.

Make sure to click on the start option at the top right corner while activating guided access. Again to stop guided access, press the power button 3 times, provide your password and click on end to terminate the guided access session.

Check these screenshots:


#7. Control incoming call screen

You can control your incoming call display type. Typically by default, incoming calls appear as a banner on the top of the screen. But in case incoming calls are appearing as a full-size banner interrupting your ongoing activity then you can switch it back to the top banner.

Required steps to change these settings –

  1. Go to phone settings > open phone settings.
  2. Tap on incoming call setting.
  3. The set it to banner (if it was set to full screen)
tutorial: iPhone 11 tips and tricks

#8. Use grid to take photo with proper allignment

When you click the picture on your iPhone if find it difficult to organize the alignment of objects then you can use the camera grid. I find this feature really helpful to adjust the objects’ position on the screen and get the best angle to cover the crucial elements in one photograph.

To enable grids on your camera –

  1. Open phone settings > search for camera > tap on Camera settings.
  2. Under composition turn on the Grid option.
  3. Once turned on you will start to see grids on your camera app.
Tutorial: iPhone 11 tips and tricks

#9. Tap & hold spacebar to move pointer

When you need to edit texts you can move the pointer smoothly right – left while pressing & holding the spacebar. Makes it a lot easier to place the pointer at the right spot to edit text. You don’t need to configure any settings to enable this feature.

  1. Tap and hold the spacebar > the keybocks will turn into blank boxes.
  2. Then move your finger horizontally to move the pointer.

#10. Add signature on your screenshots

Another cool thing you can do on your iPhone is the ability to add signatures to your screenshots. Signatures are a distinctive way as a form of identification in authorizing a document, if you can add one into your screenshots (whenever necessary) is really nice thing to have.

To add a signature –

  1. Take your screenshot.
  2. Then click on the screenshot popup.
  3. tap on the “+” icon at bottom right corner of the screen.
  4. Select signature from the available features.
  5. Write your siganture and save it.
  6. Once done, add the signature to the appropiate position of the screenshot.
tutorial: iPhone 11 tricks

Once done, check your screenshot and it should look way cooler than a normal one. The ease of using this feature and the output impact makes it even harder to omit from the list of iPhone 11 tips and tricks.

Wrapping up:

The sequel of this post will be coming with another big list of excellent features you can use on iOS 14. Stay tuned and subscribe to our weekly newsletter for such content.

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