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What is Picnob? 

Nowadays, many folks use Instagram to share pictures and videos. But sometimes, it’s hard to find what you want on Instagram. That’s where Picnob comes to help.

Picnob is a website that lets you view and save Instagram photos and videos. It claims to have features to download Instagram videos. However, it can’t assist with profile pictures. In this guide, we’ll discuss why Picnob (also known as Pixwox) is useful for Instagram users. Let’s explore Picnob for Instagram.

How Picnob Works?

Picnob gathers data using Instagram’s API. To utilize Picwox, go to their site and input the username or hashtag you want. You’ll find numerous photos and videos linked to your Instagram inquiry.

Picwox Instagram provides a tool for downloading Instagram stories. You can easily and quickly store others’ content on your device. It functions on any device with a web browser, be it a computer or a mobile phone. It’s easy to use for all.


How to Get the Most Out of Pixwox?

To find Instagram videos and photos using Pixwox:

  • Open “” in your web browser.
  • Type the Instagram ID into the Pixwox search bar.
  • Press the search or download button to view all the videos and photos.

To download Instagram videos and photos using Pixwox:

  • You’ll see a list of videos and photos. Choose whether to download them all at once or individually.
  • If you want everything, click “Download All” and the files will save to your device.
  • If you prefer to download them one by one, locate the video you want and click the download button.

Picnob Instagram Viewer Common Features

Picnob helps with Instagram with it’s easy and many features. You can look at Instagram photos and videos with it. Here’s what it offers:

  • Viewing Instagram Profiles: Picnob lets you see Instagram profiles, even private ones. It’s easy to find what you need. You can also see likes, comments, and shares on posts.
  • Privacy and Security: Picnob cares about keeping you safe. You don’t need to use your Instagram account to log in, so your identity stays secret. Picnob doesn’t keep any Instagram data, so your info is safe.
  • Anonymous Instagram Story Viewer: You can see Instagram stories without anyone knowing. You can watch stories without the person who posted them knowing you saw them.
  • No Ads: When you use Picnob Instagram viewer, there are no ads. It’s easy to use without any annoying ads or pop-ups.
  • Fast Search Results: Pixwox gives quick Instagram search results. It shows you pictures and videos related to your search fast, saving you time.
  • An Inbuilt Download Feature: With Pixwox, you can download pictures or videos right from the app. You can save them in their original quality, which is useful for accessing content offline.

The Pros of Picnob Instagram Viewer 

  • Easy Arrangement: Pixwox assists in organizing your beloved Instagram pictures and stories.
  • Convenient Entry: Using Pixwox allows you to see your preferred Instagram stuff wherever and whenever.
  • Improved Secrecy: Pixwox values your privacy. No requirement for logging in or giving out personal details.
  • Personalized Styles: Pixwox presents different themes for Instagram posts, adding a unique touch to your viewing.
  • Swift Exploration: Pixwox makes finding content easy with searches by username, hashtag, or location.


The Cons of Picnob Instagram Viewer 

  • Pixwox has limited features. It’s just for looking at Instagram. You can’t comment, like, or message like the real app.

Different Choices Besides Picnob

  • Pictame: Free, lets you view and save Instagram content without signing up.
  • Instaoffline: Also free. You can download photos, videos, and stories from Instagram.
  • Ingramer: Costs money, but offers features like profile checking and post scheduling. You can test it out for free.
  • Picuki: Another free option. Easily view and save Instagram content without any downloads.

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