Is Among Us Cross Platform Or Cross Play? [2024 Updated]

Among Us, a popular online multiplayer social deduction game developed by Innersloth has garnered widespread attention for its engaging gameplay and accessibility across various platforms.

Initially released in 2018 for iOS and Android, and later for Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, the question of whether “is among us cross-platform” is frequently asked.

This article delves into the cross-platform capabilities of Among Us, providing insights into how players on different devices can join together in this thrilling game of deceit and survival.

Is Among Us

Is Among Us Cross platform?

The simple answer is yes, Among Us is cross-platform. This feature enables players using iOS, Android, Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One to interact and play together seamlessly.

The cross-platform capability is a significant aspect of Among Us, contributing to its massive popularity by allowing friends to play together regardless of their preferred gaming device.

This functionality not only enhances the game’s accessibility but also fosters a sense of community among players from different gaming backgrounds.

Xbox One and PS4/PS5

Among Us facilitates a cross-platform gaming experience between Xbox One and PS4/PS5 users. Players on these consoles can join the same game by ensuring they are using the same version of Among Us.

A vital requirement is that all players are connected to the same Wi-Fi network, ensuring connectivity and smooth gameplay. This compatibility between Xbox and PlayStation systems signifies a landmark in gaming, bridging a traditional gap in the console gaming community.

Xbox One and PS4

PS4 and PS5

The game’s cross-platform nature extends to PS4 and PS5 players. Like with other combinations, these players must have the same game version and be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

This compatibility ensures that friends with different PlayStation console generations can still enjoy the game together. It highlights Innersloth’s commitment to inclusivity, allowing gamers to connect across different iterations of the same console family.

PC and PS4/PS5

PC gamers are not left out of the cross-platform experience. Among Us allows PC players to join games with those on PS4 and PS5. The key requirements remain consistent: having the same version of Among Us and being on the same Wi-Fi network.

This integration caters to the diverse preferences of the gaming community, bringing together PC and console players in a shared gaming experience.

PC and PS4

PC and Xbox One

Among Us also supports cross-platform play between PC and Xbox One users. This inclusivity across platforms emphasizes the game’s commitment to providing a unified gaming experience, regardless of the device.

It ensures that the barriers between PC and console gaming are minimized, allowing for a more interconnected and versatile gaming environment.

Cross-Generation and Cross-Progression In Among Us

Among Us goes beyond just cross-platform play. It also supports cross-generation and cross-progression. This feature is particularly useful for gamers who play on different generations of consoles, like Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

It also allows for the continuation of game progress across different devices, adding a layer of convenience for players who switch between devices like mobile phones and computers.

This aspect of Among Us is pivotal for players who value their game progress and achievements and wish to maintain this progression irrespective of the device they choose to play on.

Cross-Generation and Cross-Progression In Among Us

Is Among Us Split-Screen?

One limitation of Among Us is its lack of a split-screen feature. The game is designed for online play, which means that players can only participate in games with others through online connectivity, not on a shared screen.

This design choice is aligned with the game’s core social deduction mechanics, which rely on separate screens to maintain the element of surprise and deception among players.


In conclusion, Among Us is a cross-platform game that successfully bridges the gap between different devices and gaming systems.

Its support for cross-generation and cross-progression play further enhances the gaming experience, allowing players to maintain their progress and play with friends, regardless of the device or console generation.

Despite the absence of a split-screen feature, Among Us remains a versatile and inclusive game, offering thrilling gameplay experiences for a diverse gaming community.


Q: Can I play Among Us with my friends if they have a different console?

Yes, Among Us allows you to play with friends on different consoles, provided you have the same game version and are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Q: Can I play Among Us with my friends if they have a different operating system?

Yes, the game’s cross-platform feature enables play across different operating systems, with the same version and Wi-Fi network requirements.

Q: Can I play Among Us with my friends if they have a different version of the game?

No, all players must have the same version of Among Us to play together.

Cross-progression in Among Us allows players to maintain and transfer their game progress and achievements when they switch between different devices. This feature is linked to the player’s account, ensuring that their game data is synchronized across platforms.

Q: Is Among Us cross-platform play available on all devices?

Yes, Among Us supports cross-platform play on all its available platforms, including iOS, Android, Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Q: Are there any limitations to Among Us cross-platform play?

The primary limitations are that all players must be on the same version of the game and connected to the same Wi-Fi network for cross-platform play to work seamlessly.

Q: Can I join an Among Us game in progress from a different device?

No, players must join the game from the beginning and cannot enter a game that is already in progress from a different device.

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