Is Don’t Starve Together Cross-Platform Or Cross-Play? [2024 Updated]


Don’t Starve Together, the multiplayer expansion of the popular survival game Don’t Starve, has evolved to foster a collaborative gaming experience. As of 2024, players are eager to know if the game supports cross-platform or cross-play functionality.

This article explores the cross-platform capabilities of Don’t Starve Together, providing insights into its compatibility across various gaming platforms.Don't Starve Together-1

Is Don’t Starve Together Cross Platform?

Yes, Don’t Starve Together supports cross-platform play, breaking down barriers between different gaming consoles and PC. This feature enhances the gaming community’s inclusivity and allows players on various platforms to join forces in the challenging world of Don’t Starve Together.

Xbox One and PS4/PS5

Don’t Starve Together has bridged the gaming gap between Xbox One and PS4/PS5 users, enabling them to play together seamlessly.

This remarkable feature allows friends using these different consoles to join the same game environment, provided they have the same game version and are connected to the same network.

This cross-platform capability enhances the gaming experience, fostering a more inclusive community across these consoles.

PS4 and PS5

The game’s compatibility doesn’t stop at Xbox One and PS4/PS5. Players on PS4 and PS5 also enjoy cross-platform play. This integration ensures a smooth gaming experience, allowing players to connect and enjoy the game together regardless of their PlayStation console version.

The only requirement is a uniform game version and network connectivity, facilitating an uninterrupted and enjoyable multiplayer experience.

Don't Starve Together PS4 and PS5

PC and PS4/PS5

Don’t Starve Together also extends its cross-platform functionality to PC and PlayStation users. PC gamers can join their counterparts on PS4 and PS5, a feature that significantly broadens the game’s reach.

This compatibility breaks down the barriers often separating PC and console gamers, promoting a united player base and enriching the overall gaming experience.

PC and Xbox One

Players can join each other’s games on PC and Xbox One. To do this, players need to have the same version of the game and be connected to the same network.

Don't Starve Together PC and Xbox One

Cross-Generation and Cross-Progression In Don’t Starve Together

Don’t Starve Together supports cross-generation and cross-progression between PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. This means that players can transfer their progress from one platform to another, and they can play with players on different platforms.

Is Don’t Starve Together Split-Screen?

No, Don’t Starve Together is not split-screen. However, the game does support local co-op, which allows two players to play on the same screen.

Is Don't Starve Together Split-Screen?


Don’t Starve Together is a cross-platform game that allows players to join each other’s games regardless of what platform they are playing on.

The game also supports cross-generation and cross-progression, which means that players can transfer their progress from one platform to another, and they can play with players on different platforms.


How do I enable cross-platform play in Don’t Starve Together?

To enable cross-platform play, ensure that all players have the same game version and are connected to the same network. Whether on Xbox One, PS4/PS5, or PC, compatibility relies on these factors.

Can I transfer my progress between different platforms?

Currently, progress transfer between platforms is not supported. Each platform maintains its own save data, and players will need to start fresh when switching devices.

Are there any limitations to cross-platform play?

While cross-platform play in Don’t Starve Together is generally seamless, occasional differences in updates or patches between platforms may cause temporary incompatibility. Ensure all players are on the same game version to avoid issues.

Is voice chat supported in cross-platform games?

Yes, Don’t Starve Together supports voice chat in cross-platform games. Players can communicate with their teammates using in-game voice chat features, enhancing coordination during gameplay.

Can I play with friends on both Xbox and PlayStation simultaneously?

Yes, the cross-platform play extends to simultaneous gameplay with friends on Xbox and PlayStation. As long as all players meet the compatibility requirements, they can enjoy the game together seamlessly.

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