Is Dragon Ball Xenoverse Cross Platform Or Cross Play? [2024 Updated]


The popular game Dragon Ball Xenoverse has stirred curiosity among fans who are eager to know whether the game supports cross-platform play. Is Dragon Ball Xenoverse Crossplay, allowing gamers across different platforms to unite in the gaming universe? Let’s delve into the details.

Is Dragon Ball Xenoverse Cross Platform Or Cross Play

Is Dragon Ball Xenoverse Cross platform?

Dragon Ball Xenoverse is a popular video game based on the Dragon Ball franchise. However, it does not support cross-platform play, which means that players on different devices such as PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC cannot join each other in multiplayer mode.

This is due to various technical, licensing, and marketing challenges that the game developers face. The game does offer some other features such as split-screen multiplayer and limited cross-generation support.

Why Dragon Ball Xenoverse doesn’t support Cross platform?

Dragon Ball Xenoverse does not support cross-platform play due to a mix of technical, licensing, and strategic reasons. Technically, synchronizing gameplay across various platforms can be challenging. It often requires a dedicated server infrastructure that can handle inputs and outputs from disparate systems seamlessly.

In the case of Dragon Ball Xenoverse, the necessary investments in technology to facilitate such an environment may have been deemed unfeasible or not a priority by the developers or publishers.

From a licensing perspective, each gaming platform has its own set of requirements and restrictions imposed by their respective publishers. Securing the necessary permissions is not only time-consuming but can also incur substantial costs which may not justify the potential return on investment.

Additionally, exclusive agreements between game developers and platform owners can limit the possibility of cross-platform play as a strategic maneuver to drive platform-specific sales.

Why Dragon Ball Xenoverse doesn't support Cross platform

Will Dragon Ball Xenoverse support Cross-Play in future?

As of the latest updates, there is still no official word from Bandai Namco Entertainment regarding the introduction of cross-play functionality in Dragon Ball Xenoverse. While the gaming community remains hopeful, the addition of such a feature would likely depend on a variety of factors including player demand, technical feasibility, and the strategic direction of the franchise.

Should the situation change, interested parties must keep an eye on official announcements from the game’s developers or publishers for the most accurate information.

Rumors And News: Dragon Ball Xenoverse’s Crossplay

In the realm of gaming, rumors can be both a source of hope and misinformation. For Dragon Ball Xenoverse, discussions within the community about potential cross-play capabilities have circulated, spurred on by the increasing prevalence of cross-platform play in other titles.

However, these discussions have not been grounded in any official statements or news releases. Fans who are awaiting this feature are encouraged to seek out information directly from official sources to ensure they are receiving reliable updates.

Rumors And News

Is Dragon Ball Xenoverse Split-Screen?

Dragon Ball Xenoverse caters to local multiplayer enthusiasts through its split-screen feature. This allows two players to engage in combat on the same console, fostering a shared gaming experience that’s both competitive and social.

While the split-screen mode is a boon for local play, it does not facilitate an online multiplayer experience across different consoles, which remains a sought-after feature among the broader gaming community.


To summarize, Dragon Ball Xenoverse has not embraced cross-platform play due to a complex web of technical challenges, licensing barriers, and possibly strategic decisions made by the publishers.

The landscape of gaming is constantly evolving, and perhaps the future may hold different possibilities for this beloved franchise. For now, players have the option of split-screen play and cross-generation gaming within console families to look forward to.


Is Dragon Ball Xenoverse Crossplay?

No, Dragon Ball Xenoverse does not currently support crossplay among different gaming platforms.

Can I play Dragon Ball Xenoverse with friends on other platforms?

Officially, Dragon Ball Xenoverse does not offer support for cross-platform multiplayer. However, players have found alternative methods such as using services like Parsec, Steam Remote Play, or Discord, which allow for online play through streaming. Some have also turned to modded versions of the game or LAN setups to connect with friends using different platforms, though these methods are not officially endorsed and can vary in reliability and legality.

Will there be an update to support Cross-Play in Dragon Ball Xenoverse?

There has been no official announcement concerning an update that would enable cross-play in Dragon Ball Xenoverse. While fans remain hopeful, the decision to implement such a feature is complex and would likely require significant changes to the game’s infrastructure.

Does Dragon Ball Xenoverse support split-screen gameplay?

Yes, Dragon Ball Xenoverse offers a split-screen mode for local multiplayer, which is a highlight for those looking to enjoy the game with friends or family on the same console.

Does Dragon Ball Xenoverse have cross-generation play?

Yes, Dragon Ball Xenoverse supports cross-generation play, allowing players to play the game across different generations within the same console family, such as between the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 or the Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

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