Is Star Wars Battlefront Cross Platform Or Crossplay? [2024 Updated]

Star Wars Battlefront has been a massive hit among gamers, drawing in millions who are keen to explore the iconic universe. Players across various platforms are eager to know: Is Star Wars Battlefront Crossplay?

Is Star Wars Battlefront Cross Platform Or Crossplay

Is Star Wars Battlefront Cross platform?

Unfortunately, Star Wars Battlefront does not support cross-platform play between consoles and PCs or between different consoles. This means that players using PlayStation cannot join sessions with those on Xbox or PC, and vice versa. The same limitation applies to players across different console families.

However, there is a silver lining for users on PC, as the game does support crossplay between Steam and Origin users. This crossplay between the two PC platforms allows a wider player base for PC gamers, ensuring quicker matchmaking and a more vibrant community.

Why Star Wars Battlefront doesn’t support Cross platform?

There are several reasons why Star Wars Battlefront might not support cross-platform play. These could include technical complexities, such as differences in hardware performance and network requirements between platforms. Balancing issues also arise, as playing with a keyboard and mouse can offer a different level of control compared to a gamepad.

Additionally, there may be platform-specific restrictions and policies that can impede the implementation of a seamless cross-platform gaming experience. All these factors contribute to the challenge of introducing cross-platform capabilities into a game like Star Wars Battlefront.

Why Star Wars Battlefront doesn't support Cross platform

Will Star Wars Battlefront support Cross-Play in the future?

While there is currently no official announcement from the game’s developers regarding future cross-play support, the community continues to express a strong desire for it.

Many players hope that subsequent updates or future versions of the game will incorporate this increasingly common feature. The inclusion of cross-play could potentially revitalize the game’s player base and allow for a more connected and diverse gaming community.

Rumors And News: Star Wars Battlefront’s Crossplay

Despite the current lack of crossplay, there are always rumors and discussions within the gaming community about its potential introduction. These rumors are fueled by the trend in the gaming industry to connect players across platforms and the success stories of other games that have implemented crossplay.

However, players need to keep an eye on official channels for any announcements or updates regarding Star Wars Battlefront’s crossplay capabilities to avoid misinformation.

Rumors And News

Is Star Wars Battlefront Split-Screen?

One of the more positive features is that Star Wars Battlefront does support split-screen gameplay. This local multiplayer feature allows two players to share a single screen and enjoy the game side by side. However, it’s important to note that this split-screen capability is limited to certain modes within the game and is not available for online multiplayer.

Despite this limitation, split-screen play is a welcomed inclusion for those looking to enjoy the game with friends or family in the same location.


In conclusion, while Star Wars Battlefront doesn’t currently support cross-platform play between different consoles and PC, it does offer crossplay between Steam and Origin users on PC.

This feature helps to consolidate the PC player base. The desire for cross-platform capabilities is evident among the fanbase, and there remains a hope that future iterations or updates of the game might embrace this trend in gaming. Until then, players can continue to enjoy the rich experiences that Star Wars Battlefront offers on their respective platforms.


Is Star Wars Battlefront Crossplay between PC and Console?

No, Star Wars Battlefront does not offer cross-platform play between PC and console, so players must stick to their respective platforms when playing online.

Is Star Wars Battlefront Crossplay between Xbox and PlayStation?

No, there is no crossplay between Xbox and PlayStation platforms for Star Wars Battlefront. Players on these consoles can only play with others on the same console.

Is Star Wars Battlefront Crossplay between Steam and Origin?

Yes, Star Wars Battlefront supports cross-platform play between Steam and Origin, allowing PC players to game together regardless of which platform they purchased the game from.

Can I transfer my Star Wars Battlefront progress between platforms?

Unfortunately, Star Wars Battlefront does not support cross-progression. Your game progress, including unlocks and achievements, is locked to the platform on which you play.

Will split-screen play be available for online multiplayer in Star Wars Battlefront?

Split-screen play in Star Wars Battlefront is confined to specific local multiplayer modes and is not available for online multiplayer.

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