Is The Crew 2 Cross Platform Or Cross Play? [2024 Updated]


The Crew 2 is an open-world racing video game developed and published by Ubisoft. It is the sequel to the 2014 video game The Crew and was released on March 29, 2018, for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows.

The Crew 2

Is The Crew 2 Cross-platform?

No, The Crew 2 is not cross-platform, meaning players on different platforms cannot compete against each other or play together. This limitation affects various console and PC combinations, as we’ll explore in the following sections.

Why The Crew 2 doesn’t support Cross platform?

The absence of cross-platform support in The Crew 2 is attributed to challenges such as substantial data transfer between different platforms and ensuring consistent functionality. This section will provide a deeper insight into these challenges and the potential impact of implementing cross-platform play in complex games like The Crew 2.

Why The Crew 2 doesn't support Cross platform

Will The Crew 2 support Cross-Play in future?

While there is no concrete information regarding the inclusion of cross-play in The Crew 2, the developers have not completely closed the door on the possibility. Future updates may bring changes if technical and practical hurdles can be overcome.

Rumors And News: The Crew 2’s Crossplay

Speculation and rumors often circulate regarding the potential for cross-play in popular games like The Crew 2. As of the latest updates, there have been no official announcements confirming the introduction of such a feature. Players and industry watchers alike are advised to stay tuned for any news from the game’s developers.

Rumors And News The Crew 2’s Crossplay

Is The Crew 2 Split-Screen?

Reiterating the available multiplayer formats, The Crew 2 does not offer a split-screen mode. This decision reflects a focus on online multiplayer experiences within the same platform, without the option for local couch co-op play.


The Crew 2 remains a title bound within its platform-specific limitations in terms of multiplayer connectivity. While this may disappoint players looking to engage with friends across different systems, the game’s support for cross-generation progression softens the blow.

Enthusiasts can only hope for a future where cross-platform play becomes a reality for The Crew 2, opening up a world where all racers can compete regardless of their chosen console or PC.


Q: Why doesn’t The Crew 2 support cross-platform?

The Crew 2 does not support cross-platform due to technical challenges related to data transfer and feature compatibility across different systems.

Q: Will The Crew 2 support cross-play in the future?

There is no official confirmation on the future inclusion of cross-play in The Crew 2, but the possibility has not been ruled out by the developers.

Q: Is The Crew 2 split-screen?

No, The Crew 2 does not offer a split-screen mode for local multiplayer gaming.

Q: Can I play The Crew 2 with my friends?

Yes, you can play The Crew 2 with friends, but only if you are on the same gaming platform.

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