OSRS Rock Slugs Slayer Guide

Rockslugs are grotesque, slug-like creatures found in various damp locations throughout Gielinor. They are known for their slimy appearance and the unique requirement of using a bag of salt to finish them off. Targeting Rockslugs can be a fascinating task due to their distinctive slaying method and the locations they inhabit.

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Slayer Level Requirement

To be assigned Rockslugs as a Slayer task, you must have a Slayer level of at least 20. This makes them an accessible task for relatively new players to the Slayer skill, serving as an introduction to the mechanic of using items (in this case, salt) to defeat certain creatures.


One of the unique aspects of slaying Rockslugs is the requirement to use a bag of salt on them once their health is low enough. This means that, besides your standard combat gear, you’ll need to carry bags of salt obtained from any Slayer master. You cannot complete the task without salt, as Rockslugs will not die by conventional means.

Slug Salter Unlock

To optimize your Rockslug tasks, the Slug Salter perk can be unlocked from a Slayer master for 80 Slayer reward points. This perk automatically applies salt to Rockslugs at 10% health or lower, saving you inventory space and clicks. It’s a highly recommended unlock for regular slayers.

Expeditious Bracelet Use

The Expeditious Bracelet is a valuable tool for speeding up Slayer tasks, including Rockslugs. Wearing this bracelet gives you a 25% chance of reducing your remaining kill count by two for every creature you slay instead of one. This can make your Rockslug tasks significantly quicker.

Bracelet of Slaughter Use

Conversely, the Bracelet of Slaughter can be used if you want to extend your Rockslug tasks for more experience or drops. This bracelet has a 25% chance of not reducing your Slayer task count upon killing a creature. It’s advantageous if you find Rockslugs to be a profitable or enjoyable task.


Rockslugs offer a variety of drops, including the somewhat rare Mystic gloves (light). While not the most lucrative creatures, their drops can accumulate over time, providing a decent income for lower-level players. Their drop table includes various seeds, ores, and the occasional gem, potentially rewarding each task.

Mystic Gloves

One of the most notable drops from Rockslugs is the Mystic gloves (light). These are part of the light Mystic robes set, sought after for its magical attack bonuses. While not a common drop, obtaining a pair can be a nice bonus to your Slayer task and bring you some extra OSRS GP.

Dorgesh-Kaan South Dungeon Location for Rockslugs

The Dorgesh-Kaan South Dungeon is one of the places you can find Rockslugs. This location is accessible after completing parts of “The Lost Tribe” quest. It’s a good spot for those also interested in exploring Dorgesh-Kaan or engaging in other activities in the area.

Fremennik Slayer Dungeon Location for Rockslugs

Another popular location for slaying Rockslugs is the Fremennik Slayer Dungeon. This dungeon requires no quest to enter and offers a variety of creatures to slay, including Rockslugs. It’s convenient, especially for players in or near the Fremennik Province.

Lumbridge Swamp Caves Location for Rockslugs

The Lumbridge Swamp Caves are a classic location for encountering Rockslugs. Be warned, this area requires a light source; without one, you risk being attacked by swarming bugs. The caves offer many Rockslugs, making it an excellent place for completing tasks quickly.


Each location offers advantages, from easy access to the Lumbridge Swamp Caves to the additional activities near the Dorgesh-Kaan South Dungeon. Your choice may depend on proximity, convenience, or the desire to multitask while on your Slayer task.

Budget Magic Gear

For magic users on a budget, maximizing damage and sustainability is key. Start with a Wizard Hat or Elemental Helmet for increased magic accuracy. Wear Wizard Robe Tops and Skirts or the stronger Mystic variants for a boost in magic attack. Add Wizard or Mystic Boots and, if possible, Mystic Gloves to enhance your magical attack further.

A God Cape from the Mage Arena offers a high magic attack bonus, with the Mage’s Cape as a lower-level alternative. The Amulet of Magic improves spell accuracy, while the Amulet of Glory provides extra benefits. Use a Staff of Air to save on runes and support various spells.

For defense, the Book of Balance or elemental shields are options. A Ring of Magic, though not essential, slightly enhances spellcasting. Ensure your inventory has the necessary runes for continuous spellcasting. This setup balances cost with effectiveness, allowing players to undertake Slayer tasks efficiently with limited resources.

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Budget Melee Gear

For budget melee users facing Rockslugs, efficient gearing combines cost-effectiveness with combat performance. Opt for a Mithril Full Helm for affordable head protection and a Mithril Platebody for defense in damp conditions. Choose Mithril Platelegs or Plateskirt for leg coverage without compromising defense.

Fremennik or Climbing Boots provide good foot protection and bonuses, with the former being quest-obtained and the latter offering a strength boost. 

Leather Gloves offer basic defense for gloves, while the Combat Bracelet adds combat stats and teleports. The Obsidian Cape offers robust defense and style, and for neckwear, the Amulet of Strength boosts hits, whereas the Amulet of Power offers balanced attack and defense benefits.

The Mithril Scimitar or Longsword is the preferred weapon for its speed and power, complemented by a Mithril Kiteshield for protection. Consider a Ring of Wealth for better drops.

Ensure your inventory includes Bags of Salt for Rockslugs, enough healing food, and an Expeditious Bracelet or Bracelet of Slaughter to adjust task length. This setup ensures effective combat without excessive spending.

Budget Range Gear

For budget-conscious ranged attackers targeting Rockslugs, selecting cost-effective gear that optimizes combat performance is essential. Start with a Coif and a Leather or Green Dragonhide Body for ranged attack bonuses, complemented by Green Dragonhide Chaps for added defense. 

Choose Leather Boots or Frog-leather Boots for a slight bonus, and Green D’hide Vambraces for increased accuracy. Ava’s Attractor or Accumulator is ideal for the cape slot, offering ranged bonuses and arrow retrieval. Neckwear options include an Amulet of Accuracy or Power to boost ranged attacks.

Equip a Maple or Magic Shortbow with Steel or Mithril arrows for a good balance of cost and damage. A Leather or Green D’hide Shield offers some defense if you’re using a crossbow. Your inventory should contain enough arrows, food for healing, and bags of salt for Rockslugs, ensuring efficient and economical slaying.

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