Is Risk of Rain 2 Cross Platform Or Not? [2024 Updated]


Is Risk of Rain 2 Cross Platform? This question has been circling among the gaming community since the game’s release.

Risk of Rain 2, developed by Hopoo Games, is a roguelike third-person shooter that has gained immense popularity. Despite its success, players from different platforms are keen to know if they can team up for cooperative gameplay.

Risk of Rain 2 Cross Platform

Is Risk of Rain 2 Cross platform?

As of the latest information, Risk of Rain 2 does not feature cross-platform play capabilities. The developers have yet to implement a system that allows players on different gaming consoles or PCs to join one another.

It seems that logistical challenges, such as ensuring compatibility across various hardware, have been a significant hurdle. Moreover, there are additional barriers in terms of network security and user account management that need to be addressed to enable a seamless cross-platform experience.

Why Risk of Rain 2 doesn’t support Cross platform?

The primary reasons behind the lack of cross-platform support in Risk of Rain 2 can be traced to the complexities involved in syncing game versions across different systems. Each platform has its own update schedule and technical specifications, which makes uniformity difficult to maintain.

Furthermore, the coordination required between independent platform holders like Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo often involves extensive negotiations and agreement on shared standards, which can be a lengthy and complex process.

Additionally, game developers have to consider the financial and resource implications of maintaining cross-platform support, which can be substantial.

Why Risk of Rain 2 doesn't support Cross platform

Will Risk of Rain 2 support Cross-Play in Future?

While the developers of Risk of Rain 2 have not formally confirmed plans for cross-play, the gaming community remains optimistic.

Many believe that as digital infrastructure evolves and the demand for cross-play continues to grow, developers may find it increasingly beneficial to invest in such features. The future of gaming seems to be heading towards more interconnected play, and Risk of Rain 2 may eventually follow this trend.

Rumors And News: Risk of Rain 2’s Crossplay

Speculation has been a constant companion to the topic of cross-play in Risk of Rain 2. Gaming forums and social media often buzz with rumors that the developers are working on or considering the implementation of cross-platform functionalities.

While these discussions are indicative of the strong desire within the community for such a feature, they remain unconfirmed by any official sources at Hopoo Games.

Rumors And News Risk of Rain 2’s Crossplay

Is Risk of Rain 2 Split-Screen?

Local co-op play is alive and well in Risk of Rain 2 through its split-screen capability. This feature is a boon for players who prefer the camaraderie of sitting next to each other while tackling the game’s challenges. It showcases the developer’s dedication to offering cooperative experiences, even if it’s limited to players sharing the same physical space.


Risk of Rain 2 remains a highly engaging game for its fans, even without cross-platform play. Its existing split-screen feature facilitates a fun local multiplayer experience.

Although cross-play is not currently on the table, the hope is that with advancements in technology and a potential shift in the developers’ stance, it might become a reality. Until then, players can continue to enjoy the myriad adventures that Risk of Rain 2 offers in the company of local friends.


Is Risk of Rain 2 Cross Platform?

No, Risk of Rain 2 does not currently support cross-platform play. Players must use the same type of device to play together.

Will Risk of Rain 2 support Cross-Play in Future?

There are no official announcements about Risk of Rain 2 supporting cross-play in the future. However, community interest may influence the developers to consider implementing it.

Is Risk of Rain 2 split-screen?

Yes, Risk of Rain 2 offers a split-screen mode for local multiplayer, allowing for shared-screen play on a single device.

What platforms is Risk of Rain 2 available on?

Risk of Rain 2 is available on multiple platforms including PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch.

Does Risk of Rain 2 have any form of multiplayer?

Yes, Risk of Rain 2 features multiplayer gameplay, but it is restricted to players on the same platform and includes local split-screen play.

Can I play Risk of Rain 2 online with friends on the same platform?

Yes, you can play Risk of Rain 2 online with friends, provided you are all on the same platform.

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