Is Valheim Cross Platform Or Crossplay? [2024 Updated]

Valheim, the popular Viking-themed survival game developed by Iron Gate AB, has gained immense popularity, captivating players with its cooperative gameplay and immersive world. A common query among its diverse player base is whether Valheim supports crossplay and whether it allows users from different platforms to join forces in the Norse purgatory.

is valheim cross platform

Is Valheim Cross platform?

Yes, Valheim is cross-platform between PC and Xbox. This means that players on these platforms can play together in the same world.

Xbox One and PS4/PS5

Despite the similarities between the Xbox One and PlayStation consoles, Valheim does not bridge the gap between these devices. The current state of the game does not allow for shared adventures between Xbox One and PS4/PS5 platforms. This means that if a player is on an Xbox One, they cannot join a session with someone on a PS4 or PS5, limiting the interactions and shared experiences to those within the same console family.

PS4 and PS5

Valheim is cross-platform between PS4 and PS5. Players on these platforms can play together in the same world.

Is Valheim Cross platform

PC and PS4/PS5

The divide between PC and console ecosystems is evident with Valheim, where cross-platform play between PC players and those on PS4/PS5 is not supported. This prevents the sharing of the game world between these platforms and poses a challenge for friends who are spread across different devices. The decision to not support PC-to-console play is often rooted in technical, commercial, or design considerations that are unique to each gaming platform.

PC and Xbox One

Valheim is cross-platform between PC and Xbox One. Players on these platforms can play together in the same world.

is valheim cross platform PC and Xbox One

Cross-Generation and Cross-Progression In Valheim

Valheim is cross-generation between Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. This means that players on Xbox One can play together with players on Xbox Series X/S. However, cross-progression is not currently available in Valheim, so players cannot transfer their progress between Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

Is Valheim Split-Screen?

The concept of split-screen gaming harks back to the early days of multiplayer video games, where friends could share a single screen and enjoy games together. Valheim, however, does not offer a split-screen option.

This limitation is by design, as the game focuses on a singular, expansive experience through one character’s perspective at a time on a given system, rather than a shared-screen multiplayer experience.

Is Valheim Split-Screen


Valheim offers a rich, cooperative gameplay experience within the confines of its platform limitations. Although the game does not support cross-platform, cross-generation, or split-screen gameplay, it remains a highly popular and engaging experience for players across the supported platforms.

The gaming community has expressed a strong desire for more inclusive features that allow for broader interactions, and as such, many hope that future updates from Iron Gate AB may address these limitations and open up new possibilities for playing together.


When will Valheim be cross-platform?

The developers of Valheim have not provided a definitive timeline for introducing cross-platform play. They have acknowledged the community’s interest in this feature and have stated that they are looking into it. It’s essential to follow official announcements for any updates regarding this feature.

Will Valheim be cross-generation?

As of now, there is no official statement from Iron Gate AB regarding the implementation of cross-generation play for Valheim. While the PS4 and PS5 enjoy some level of cross-compatibility, extending this feature to other generations and platforms remains a topic of discussion among the developers.

Will Valheim be split-screen?

The developers have not indicated any plans to add split-screen functionality to Valheim. The game’s design focuses on individual players interacting within a shared world online, rather than on a single shared screen.

Can I play Valheim with my friends if we have different platforms?

At present, Valheim does not support cross-platform gameplay, which means you cannot play with friends on different platforms. The exception to this is between PS4 and PS5, where cross-play is available.

Can I transfer my progress from one platform to another?

Currently, Valheim does not support cross-progression, so it is not possible to transfer your progress from one platform to another.

Can I play Valheim locally with my friends?

Valheim does not support local multiplayer or split-screen gameplay. Therefore, friends wishing to play together must do so online on the same platform.

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