8 Top Must-Do’s for Beginners on Minecraft Journey

Despite being released in 2011 and gaining global popularity, Minecraft still attracts newcomers. Thankfully, it boasts a dedicated community and frequent updates that enrich the gameplay.

For beginners, the initial experience can be daunting. Here are some Minecraft tips for beginners to survive the first few nights and get a solid start in Minecraft.

Minecraft Tricks and Tips for Beginners

#1 Move Quickly

It’s not necessary to rush a new player, but acting swiftly after entering the game world is advisable. Initially, gathering basic resources such as wood and finding shelter are crucial.

Building a shelter can be time-consuming, but finding a spot that can be adequately lit with torches will suffice for the first night.

This is important because the darkness attracts numerous hostile mobs like zombies, skeletons, and creepers. Having a safe haven is essential for players to protect themselves.

#2 Unblock inaccessible servers

A good practice for starting Minecraft is to learn how to bypass regional server locks. You should figure out how to unblock Minecraft, but we will help with this. To unblock Minecraft, you need to change your virtual location.

Since the system determines the location by IP, all you need to do is install a decent VPN, VeePN level. After changing the IP address, Minecraft will let you into the previously unavailable server.

#3 Find Diamonds

Diamond is one of the rarest and most valuable ores in the game. It serves as the foundation for crafting powerful tools and gear, boasting exceptional damage, durability, and protection (second only to Netherite).

To locate diamonds, you need to venture below a certain elevation, specifically below Y=16. The deeper you go, the more abundant they become. For optimal results, the sweet spot seems to be at Y=-56, where larger veins are often found.

This technique involves creating a long hallway at this level and periodically branching out into smaller pathways every five blocks.

In the game, this method is referred to as strip mining, a highly efficient way of uncovering diamonds.

#4 Create a pickaxe as soon as possible

When you begin a new game in Minecraft, your top priority should be crafting a pickaxe. Pickaxes are incredibly versatile tools in Minecraft, necessary for mining stones and other materials.

Moreover, pickaxes can also double as weapons.

#5 Be Careful with Generated Structures

Minecraft worlds are awesome with a wide range of biomes, each featuring unique generated structures. It’s quite tempting to explore places like desert pyramids, jungle temples, or submerged shipwrecks, but it’s a good idea to be prepared beforehand.

These generated structures hold a treasure trove of valuable loot but can also pose significant risks. Friendly villages are an exception, though.

For newbies venturing into Minecraft, it’s advisable to wait until you’re adequately equipped to take on the challenges of these structures.

#6 Plan Your Next Steps

It’s completely up to you and your imagination what you do from here. There are endless discoveries in various biomes, undiscovered dimensions waiting to be explored, mobs to battle, machines to construct, and resources to gather.

All of these elements allow you to create truly remarkable things. Take a moment to plan your next moves and enjoy delving into this incredible game.

Below are some useful guides to assist you on your adventure.

#7 Take Your Time

New players often get excited about creating impressive builds or attempting speed runs like their favorite Minecraft content creators.

However, it’s advisable to take things slow. Frustration can arise when players struggle to execute amazing moves or build extraordinary structures right away.

This game values patience and dedication. Players will learn and enjoy the game immensely by immersing themselves in gameplay and engaging with the community2w1qw4ws. Minecraft doesn’t have to be a race to complete Survival Mode or pursuit of fame.

#8 Find A Nether Fortress

Since the Nether update, this dimension has experienced a complete revitalization. It now boasts captivating lush biomes adorned with warped trees, along with the presence of menacing mobs equipped with deadly weapons.

The vast landscapes of ashen rock stretch endlessly into the distance. Among the remarkable features to discover are the Nether fortresses.

These immense, dark castles are constructed entirely from Nether brick. A wealth of treasures awaits inside, accompanied by the formidable Wither skeletons and fireball-slinging Blazes.

It is crucial not to destroy any Blaze spawners within the fortress, as the Blazes drop valuable Blaze rods. These rods are essential for potion making and serve a later purpose to locate an End portal and ultimately conquer the game.


As you can see, there is a lot to learn in Minecraft. With enough practice and dedication, anyone can become an expert at playing this game.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, so feel free to explore everything that has been discussed here. Armed with this knowledge, you will be able to tackle any challenge and enjoy your time in Minecraft as much as possible.

I am Rupam, a Computer Application graduate with a passion for gadgets and technology. GameSpec is a platform I created to share my knowledge on gadgets and software tutorials. On this site, you can find helpful troubleshooting guides to assist you in solving common problems with software and gadgets.
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