How Game Providers Entertain Players via Features

The gaming industry is booming because game providers get creative with their features. They craft all sorts of titles and release them each year. Established development companies offer lots of interesting titles and they strive to remain relevant by creating new ones.

On the other hand, you have indie developers who might have one or a few titles under their belts. However, both kinds of developers aim to entertain their customers. One of the markets they cater to is the New Zealand market.

Gaming Industry

There are lots of NZ gamers and game fans who love playing all sorts of titles in their free time. The one thing they have in common is that they’re looking for engaging games. The titles they play will have many different mechanics and visuals as well as additional features.

They will belong to various genres and stick to them. Alternatively, providers will try something different with their titles that might or might not work. Either way, they’ll engage New Zealand game fans via their features. Below are some of the most attractive game features to date.

Engaging Mechanics

Each game comes with several mechanics. They will differ depending on the type of game. For example, if a New Zealand player is enjoying a shooter, then there will be a mechanic for shooting the different types of weapons. In other words, guns and rifles won’t shoot the same, neither will RPGs.

The shooting mechanic will deal different kinds of damage when a player shoots an enemy through the head, arm, and other body parts.

Platformers have various mechanics as well. Mostly, players will need to go over obstacles by jumping over them or crouching. Alternatively, racing platformers will have NZ gamers deal with other cars and curves on the road. Casino games will also have varying mechanics.

There’s a portion of New Zealand casino fans that enjoy a good game once in a while. These titles will also come with a host of interesting mechanics. Slots will have special symbols that will trigger features like free spins and mini-games.

The titles will have cascading reels, multipliers, and other mechanics. Table games will have additional mechanics aside from the classic ones in the form of risk games and extra bets. Casino platforms will have other features besides games.

They will offer a no-deposit bonus that allows you to test the games before depositing to your account. Reload, cashback, and welcome bonuses will be parts of the features too. Challenges and tournaments will engage NZ casino fans as well.

Aside from those games, strategy games will have mechanics that let you customize your characters, select them as units, and see the map from different perspectives. In short, the better a game’s mechanics are the better and more appealing it is.

Immersive Storytelling

New Zealand gamers enjoy a good story in a video game. Storytelling is one of the most important features for some game fans. They might gravitate towards a title only if it has a good story. The majority of story-driven games are single-player titles, although there are a couple of online ones.

One of the most recent games with a good story is Assassin’s Creed Mirage. The game follows the story of the beginnings of the Assassin’s Order through the character of Basim. He starts as a street thief out on errands for various contractors until he uncovers a secret.

He’s recruited and trained by the Order and is sent on various missions to defeat its rivals. Anyone familiar with the franchise will appreciate the game.

Another great example of storytelling in a video game is the third installment in the Witcher series. It’s a title made by the Polish wizards at CD Projekt Red, and a game New Zealand gamers enjoy. You take the role of Geralt of Rivia. Your mission is to find your daughter Ciri.

R 2

Along the way, you deal with egotistic emperors, knights, and all sorts of creatures. Even the side missions add compelling content to the game should you choose to complete them. Your choices in key moments will determine how your daughter sees you when you meet her, and if she stays with you in the end.

When you finish the main story, you have two fantastic DLCs. In Hearts of Stone, you’ll help a cunning entity Gaunter O’Dim by completing three impossible tasks for the soul of Olgierd von Everec.

In the Blood and Wine DLC, you’ll visit Touissant, a land of knights and ladies, where there’s vampire trouble. As you get to the thick of it, you’ll find out that even monsters can be more humane than humans.

Just by playing both games from start to finish, you’ll understand why NZ players love them and why storytelling is an important element of games.

Progression System

The right game mechanics will occupy players and a proper story will immerse them. The final key to the puzzle is the progression system. In other words, players will create characters and guide them through different environments.

As they progress through the game, the enemies get stronger and so do the players’ characters. To improve their chances, the progression system allows New Zealand games to upgrade their players.

One example of a game with a good progression system is Dragon Age Origins. Aside from the plot and the amazing mechanics, each class comes with several abilities and a leveling-up system.

If you play as a mage, the higher your level, the better spells you’ll have access to. They might cost more mana than others but will have a greater effect. The same goes for the rogue and warrior classes.

To Sum Up

New Zealanders love playing games in their free time. They love a game that has a solid selection of mechanics and a good progression system. It keeps them entertained by immersing them in a virtual world filled with all sorts of challenges. A good story will have them stick around for longer, and play a game multiple times just to enjoy it again.

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