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A Few Steps On How To Become A Social Media Manager

The vast utilization of social media accounts by officials, professionals, and celebrities led to the diverse opening of social media account handling positions. There is quite a difference between handling our own personal account and handling the client’s social media account. 

Worldwide, large-scale companies and industries look for experienced social media manager who has all the required skills for their brand promotion and is able to land them consistent clients.

Social media management is a fast-evolving field with strong visual, verbal, and non-verbal communication skills and an individualized personality to attract customers. 

Let’s first take a look into the roles and responsibilities of a social media manager, and then you need to follow the mentioned steps in order to become a successful manager.

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Understand The Roles: 

The social media manager conducts a survey to analyze the perception of your brand image around the audience. He should effectively solve any issues that are affecting the brand’s reputation. 

The other most important role is to make your brand popular among the masses. This is done by doing promotions, running vital online campaigns, sending discounts or sales, and crafting and sharing valuable quality content of your product. 

Networking is done by a social media manager to authorize your brand among influential celebrities. This way, your brand is recognized by a white-collar society that gives power to your product. 

Not only this, you have to sell your product on various social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram in order to attract an audience. Construct effective strategies to align the company goals and objectives that give voice and tone to the brand. 

A social media manager rapidly responds to the comments, feedback, and messages sent by the customer. It crafts compelling posts, schedules content, and posts them regularly on pages. He also makes use of social media analytical tools to demonstrate the conversion rates, algorithms, and recent developments and analyze the competition.

Make Business Accounts: 

Famous channels like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter give you access to make a business account and link it with your personal account. This way, the profile is well organized without preventing the client’s login credentials and personal information from getting leaked. 

The business account has to be linked to a payment account that is simple and secure for transactions. For your e-commerce website, you can Click here to collect crypto payments, which can be converted to any other local currency having a nominal processing fee and multi-functional usage. 

For example, you can go to to create a business account for your client. You just need to add the relevant business information and link the ads manager account for paid promotions and advertising.

Get The Relevant Skills And Qualifications:

A social media managerial position requires some sort of bachelor’s degree, preferably in advertising, mass communication, public relations, or business. Such candidates are a good fit because they have already built their Careers in this particular field. 

Nevertheless, you can also participate in training programs that emphasize social media management and marketing. Get the certificates so that you can display your skills when applying for the job. 

A psychology degree also works very well as such students are well versed in understanding human behaviors and their choice for a specific brand. You can get yourself enrolled on different online websites like Google, Udemy, digiskills, and Coursera. 

Social Media Marketing:

After you have laid the foundation for your skills, you need to understand how social media platforms work. These channels work differently for publishing and marketing the content. 

Every platform has its own pros and cons, and thus you need to get familiar with the strategies deployed for each channel for marketing your brand.

You really need to create a strong presence in every channel by creating profiles and doing proper SEO and keyword research to gain organic reach to your target audience.

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Portfolio Creation:

In case you are applying for a social media manager position, you must showcase the skills required and create a portfolio that represents how much knowledge and strategic planning you have regarding content, future goals, and metrics to persuade your client about your capabilities. 

You can also add in some of the projects that you did in the past. Your portfolio must contain the highlights of your introduction, profile picture, projects that represent your expertise along with analytics, communication, and demonstration skills, your success ratio, and your strengths and weaknesses. 

Make sure you have added all the qualifications and quality training certifications to further give authorization to your profile. Also, add in past clients’ testimonials because word of mouth really helps you in hunting new clients. In the end, mention your contact information and a note of thanks and collaboration.


Staying up to date is crucial for social media managers as the algorithms of each platform are changing frequently. They are plentiful valuable resources by which you can enhance your marketing skills to increase the revenue for your client’s brand. 

A social media manager should update himself on the current trends, diversify in platforms, enable posting, create content, and adapt himself according to real-time marketing methods. The manager must be an expert and well-versed to give a brand or service a boost through his online presence. 

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