Influencing the Finish Line: The Role of Social Media Influencers in Horse Racing

We can say that horse racing as a sport is advancing. The age-old sport that was tied to its roots has grown to accept new technologies and dive into the world of social media, for a good reason.

Horse racing is a sport that dates back thousands of years, and in order to progress into the future, the new generation (Millenials and Gen Z) needs to share their interest in the sport. And what’s the best way to attract a younger audience? Of course, through social media.

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If we look at the past couple of years, especially events like the Kentucky Derby, we can see a huge leap forward in accepting new technology trends. In fact, the organizers at Churchill Downs even went to a point where they’ve paid popular A-list celebrities like Kim Kardashian for a sponsored post on their social media profile.

So, obviously, influencers are becoming one of the key marketing components of every industry, including horse racing. That’s why in today’s article we will focus on highlighting the importance of social media influencers in the world of horse racing.

Why Influencers in Horse Racing are Important?

Social media now dominates the world in terms of marketing and reaching new potential customers. Obviously, influencers have a big following base and they can reach a lot of people. However, brands can reach a lot of people through paid ads too. 

So, what makes influencers so special?

Well, a marketing strategy that uses influencers comes with a couple of benefits, such as:

  • Target Specific Audience
  • Loyalty and Trust

Horse racing events have been trying to use influencer-promoting strategies for a good reason. When you are hiring influencers to promote your brand, you can choose what type of influencers work best for your campaign.

If we talk about horse racing, hiring an A-list celebrity with millions of followers won’t be as effective as hiring a less popular influencer with equestrian content.

Why? Well, just because the followers of the influencer with equestrian content are already interested in horses there is a higher chance that a horse racing event will sound appealing to them.

On the other hand, we have loyalty and trust. Influencers connect with their audience, build a brand of their persona, and develop trust. In some cases, people would buy a certain product just because an influencer told them.

So, if an equestrian influencer shares their top betting offers for horse racing, most of their followers will generate conversions.

This means that influencers share a deeper connection with their audience compared to traditional paid ads.

Sharing Passion About the Sport

Horse racing is a popular sport, but the numbers suggest that its popularity has been slowly declining over the past couple of years. This means that either the sport has lost its charm or that it needs a different marketing strategy to make it relevant again.

Influencers are great for spreading the word about equestrian sports and inspiring people to take an interest in horses. There are many equestrian social media influencers who are true ambassadors of horse racing as a sport.

More Opportunities

Influencers have converted their passions into profitable businesses, with some, such as Matt Harnacke, expanding their brand to include hosting TV shows and engaging with top-tier sports pros. This progression demonstrates the huge economic impact influencers have, bringing the sport closer to fans globally.


Popular Equestrian Influencers

Matt Harnicke

Matt Harnacke, a model who is half Italian and half German, is a rider and equestrian influencer located in the Netherlands. 

Matt is Longines’ worldwide ambassador and the International Equestrian Federation’s first influencer. He is active on YouTube and Instagram with more than 1 million followers on both platforms and on top of that he has acting experience.

Ariana Rockefeller

You might know Arana from the show biz world since she is the fifth generation Rockefeller. But she is also a businesswoman, equestrian, philanthropist, entrepreneur, and athlete.

Her AR fashion line features equine-inspired handbags. Ariana’s engagement rates on Instagram and Facebook are quite impressive, and even though she isn’t directly involved in the sport, she definitely loves horses.

Alex Calder

Alex Calder is an Irish influencer who has two Instagram accounts, one personal and one dedicated to photographs of the County Wicklow countryside taken on horseback, called Between Two Ears. Alex, the owner of thoroughbreds Ben and Joe, has created an online community of horse enthusiasts of all ages and genders. 

Final Words

Sharing love for horse racing through influencing social media has a direct and quite a big impact on the future of the sport. Apart from getting people interested in horses, influencers also help horse racing become more relevant and increase its fan base.

After all, this is the most effective way of getting younger people interested in equestrian sports, which is quite important for the future of horse racing. 

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