How To Rename AirPods On iOS, Android, & Windows

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When you pair your AirPods to your Apple devices for the first time, it comes with a default name. Generally, the name should be labeled as [Your Name]’s AirPods.

Renaming AirPods pro can be handy when you don’t like how they are automated or in case you have got them second-hand. This guide explains how to rename AirPods using iPhone or a Mac computer. The same steps apply to renaming AirPods Pro and AirPods Max Pro.

How to rename AirPods on an iPhone

  1. Make sure your AirPods are paired with your iPhone and active.
  2. The best way to accomplish this is by putting the AirPods into your ear and playing some music.
  3. Next, locate and open the settings on your iPhone.
  1. Then go to Bluetooth settings and tap on the”circle-info” icon beside your AirPods device on the list.
  1. Then tap on the name section at the top.
  1. You can tap the “x” icon to start naming from scratch or edit the current AirPods name.
  1. Once you have put your desired name for your AirPod, tap on “Done.”

That’s all about it. Now device name has changed on your AirPods. You can change AirPod’s name from your Mac as well.

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How to rename AirPods using a Mac

  1. Make sure your AirPods are active and connect to your Mac.
  2. Try playing some music from your Mac to your AirPods to test the connection.
  1. Click on the “apple” icon upper left and choose System Preferences.
  2. Once the preference window opens, locate the Bluetooth icon and click to open.
  3. On the Bluetooth panel, right-click or control + click on your AirPods and choose Rename on the menu.
  1. Once the desired edits have been made on AirPods name, click on the Rename button.
  2. This will bring the rename device window.
  1. After you have made desired changes to your AirPods name, click on the Rename button.
  2. Now your AirPods have been renamed.

How to Rename AirPods on Windows Devices

For Windows users, AirPods may not be as compatible as you would like to be because of the differences in operating systems and brands. As a result, there will be shortcomings like automatic ear detection, Control with Siri, and customizable double taps.

Still, you can enjoy some of the AirPods amazing features, which include renaming your AirPods. The only requirement is that Bluetooth has to be enabled on your PC.

Follow these steps to rename your AirPods using a windows PC.

  1. Open the control panel > select Hardware and Sound.
  1. On the next window, click on Device and Printers.
  1. Right-click on the AirPods you want to rename and select properties.
  1. Next, go to the Bluetooth tab and rename your AirPods.

How to Rename AirPods on Android

Just like on Windows, Android devices are not fully compatible with AirPods, yet you will be able to experience the major features. Renaming AirPods on Android is as easy as on Windows. Just make sure your AirPods are connected to your device via Bluetooth.

The process is very similar to how it’s done on iOS.

  1. Go to settings > tap on connection > go to Bluetooth.
  2. Tap on the “circle-info” icon or the “gear” icon beside your AirPods.
  3. Then tap on the pen icon to rename your AirPods.

Renaming AirPods is pretty simple, whether on your iPhone, Mac, Android, or Windows. Have doubt? double-check this guide, and pretty sure you can do it easily.


How to rename someone else’s AirPods?

Renaming other’s AirPods is the same as how you rename your AirPods. All you need to have is access to the AirPods. Connect the AirPods with your Mac or iPhone and go to Bluetooth settings.

1. Then tap the AirPods listing.
2. Select the current name of AirPods.
3. Put your preferred name for the buds.
4. Done.

I can’t rename my AirPods; what to do?

Try resetting AirPods if you are unable to rename them. Put the AirPods into the charging case and keep the lid open. Press and hold the charging case setup button for 3+ seconds until the status light starts flashing amber and then flashes white.

Once reset, connect the earbuds to your iPhone or Mac and try to rename them. Usually, doing so solves the renaming issue on AirPods.

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