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How To Watch NFL Redzone Live Stream For Free In 2024?

Eager to catch every major play in the NFL? “How To Watch NFL Redzone” is your essential guide to experiencing non-stop football action. NFL RedZone is a dynamic live broadcast channel that delivers electrifying highlights from all Sunday afternoon NFL games, spotlighting touchdowns and pivotal plays across the league rather than fixating on a single matchup.

Scott Hanson hosts the program, which is particularly useful for fantasy football enthusiasts who monitor their statistics in real-time fantasy football updates and highlights from early games, making NFL RedZone a preferred method of viewing for many fans, including myself.

Hence, if you can buy a subscription, you can access NFL content via an official platform.

Conversely, if you want to watch NFL Redzone live stream for free, I’ve listed both unofficial and legitimate sources for your convenience.

If you want to watch NFL RedZone streams for free on some sports streaming sites, be cautious about the legality in your country, as some may offer unlicensed content. For added online security and privacy, consider using NordVPN’s 65%+ discount deal or a similar service to protect your IP address from potential threats.

How To Watch NFL Redzone Live Stream Free? [Illegal Sites]


USTVGO is a user-friendly and dependable site for streaming NFL RedZone live for free. It’s free from pop-ups or intrusive ads and even offers a game schedule for tracking upcoming streams.

With 102 channels, including NFL RedZone, USTVGO provides comprehensive access to NFL coverage for viewers.


This is another free streaming site, though it includes ads, unlike USTVGO. The ads are fairly tolerable, or you can block them with an ad blocker. Regardless, you can stream live NFL RedZone games, Sunday Night Football, Monday Night Football, Thursday Night Football, Countdowns, and more.

Users can select between HD and SD streams depending on their internet connection. It’s also handy that you can switch to another stream if one goes down.

The streaming experience is suitable for a free site; a VPN can further enhance it.

3. Stream2Watch

Stream2Watch is another solid choice for catching NFL RedZone live streams without charge. This user-friendly website offers effortless navigation, allowing viewers to swiftly access NFL live streams across multiple channels, with language preferences available.

The streaming quality is reliable, as evidenced by a seamless NFL Redzone live stream with no interruptions. Browsing through the games and categories is pretty easy across the site.

4. NFLBites

The founders of the subreddit r/NFLStreams have created this free streaming site called NFL Bites. You receive the list of reliable Live streams to watch NFL Redzone Live for free on the website just an hour before the kickoff.

These live streams are games broadcasted by streamers around the world. The NFLbite website is easy to navigate from the menu but doesn’t have the option to search for a particular match by team name.

You should expect ads when watching the live streams because the stream links will take you to the streamer’s website. So, ensure you run on a VPN to maximize your security.

You can watch NFL games live on free streaming platforms, yet there are also several legitimate methods to access NFL RedZone without any cost through authorized services.

How To Watch NFL Redzone Live Stream For Free? [Legal Sites]

1. NFL Free Trails


Free NFL matches are just like bonuses. NFL Game Pass has a 7-day free trial that can be used to watch the NFL RedZone Live action for free.

You need a valid email address to sign up. No credit cards or payment methods are required to be added. 

Try to get your free trial one or two days before the match, as websites often get high traffic during the match days, and it typically becomes difficult to get the free trial. 

  • Go to the official NFL website and open the NFL packages.
  • You must select the Anual Pro plan and then “START 7 DAY FREE TRIAL” to watch the NFL RedZone live stream for free.
  • Later on, if you don’t want to continue with the plan, make sure to cancel it before the trial period ends.
NFL pro plan 7 day free trial 1

You will be charged your region’s full pro plan annual fee at the end of the trial period.

2. Hulu TV


A Hulu + Live TV subscription includes NFL Network and NFL RedZone in its channel lineup and 75+ other live TV channels, such as FOX, NBC, CBS, and ESPN.

In addition to live TV channels, you will have access to ESPN+, Disney+, and Hulu’s on-demand library and unlimited Cloud DVR to record your favorite shows.

To access NFL RedZone, you can add the Sports add-on bundle for an additional $9.99 per month on top of the standard subscription fee of $69.99.

This add-on offers seven hours of live football coverage every Sunday afternoon throughout the season.

You can obtain NFL add-ons at no cost if you plan to subscribe to a cable service like Hulu TV or if it is included in a promotional package with your internet provider.

Hulu’s yearly offer is a one-month, ad-supported free subscription with certain internet providers for a year. The NFL RedZone channel is included in the Hulu TV Live package, allowing you to watch it for free during the complimentary month.

To try Hulu’s annual offer, follow these steps:

  • First, go to
  • Click on TRY ONE MONTH FREE.
  • Complete the form to create your account.
  • Then, sign in to Hulu via your smart TV app or phone.
  • Enjoy live NFL RedZone.

You can stream live TV on up to two screens simultaneously, and Hulu is compatible with a wide range of streaming devices, including Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, Android TV, and gaming consoles like Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch. It is also available on PCs, iPhones, iPads, and Android devices.

3. NFL Webcast


Another free way to watch NFL RedZone live stream is via NFL webcast. The webcast features all the current live games for free. Up-and-running NFL regular season and RedZone can be watched live on this website without signing up!

However, this option only works if you are physically located in the United States or Mexico. You need an NFL Game Pass subscription to access the webcast from another country.

Another option is to take advantage of NordVPN’s 65%+ discount deal to watch NFL webcasts live because it provides a reliable connection and top-tier security protocols.

4. Youtube TV


YouTube launched YouTube TV in April 2017, offering live TV streaming for a monthly subscription fee. It includes popular channels like ABC, ESPN, FOX, and NBC. The NFL RedZone channel is also included in this package.

The subscription costs $64.99 per month and includes local ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX stations, ESPN and ESPN2. For an additional $10.99 monthly, you can add the Sports Plus bundle, which includes NFL RedZone and six other channels.

YouTube TV also provides unlimited Cloud DVR storage for recordings and allows for live TV streaming on up to three screens simultaneously.

You can acquire a 14-day free trial on YouTube TV, which is only available to new subscribers. You can watch the NFL RedZone games for free during this trial period.

Try to get the trial during the game week. 

  • To access the free trial, sign up for a new account on Youtube TV.
  • Choose the subscription package that includes the NFL networks. 
  • If you do not want to continue, you can cancel the subscription before the trial period ends. 

Youtube TV allows you to enjoy high-quality live TV at home and on the go, with the ability to stream on up to three devices simultaneously for your convenience.

5. VidGo

You can access NFL RedZone by subscribing to Vidgo. A monthly subscription to Vidgo costs $59.95, and the channel lineup can be viewed before deciding to subscribe.

The service offers over 100 live TV channels, including ESPN, ESPN2, FOX, NFL Network, and NFL Redzone.

However, it does not include CBS; thus, not all NFL coverage can be accessed through this service.

With Vidgo, subscribers can watch live TV on up to three screens simultaneously. The service is compatible with Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, PCs, and iOS devices and has a “watch-party” feature on its mobile app.

You can watch NFL RedZone live stream through a 3-day free trial, with the option to upgrade to the premium plan for $10 monthly after the initial trial period.

6. FuboTV

Paid TV streaming services often provide the most consistent and high-quality live streams for NFL games. If you do not have cable and wish to avoid the inconvenience of searching for a new, illegal livestream with excessive pop-up ads and poor-quality video every week, FuboTV is a great option to consider subscribing to.

FuboTV subscribers can watch NFL RedZone live streams with Sport Plus add-ons or the Ultimate package. A new subscriber can go for the 7-day trial available and watch NFL RedZone live for free during the trial period.

Note that you might be unable to add NFL RedZone if you have signed up for FuboTV through Roku. You must sign up via the FuboTV official website and include the NFL Redzone add-on.

FuboTV supports Smart TVs, Desktop, Mobile devices, Roku, etc. So you can watch your favorite Redzone live wherever you want. In addition, a dedicated Cloud DVR allows you to store up to 1,000 hours of recordings.

7. SlingTV

NFL Redzone is included in Sling TV’s Sports Extra bundle when subscribing to the Blue plan. It can be a viable option if you already have access to local channels that air NFL games through a TV antenna or other means.

Subscribing to Sling Blue costs $40 monthly and includes 41 channels, including NFL Network. The Sports Extra bundle is an additional $11 per month.

Sling Blue allows for simultaneous live TV streaming on three screens. The Sports Extra bundle includes 12 channels, including NFL RedZone, FS2, and Pac-12 Networks.

Unlike traditional cable TV, Sling TV requires no contracts or additional fees.

You can review the latest promotion Sling TV is offering to new and existing customers. You may also be eligible to receive a complimentary streaming device by pre-paying for a short-term subscription.

8. Yahoo Sport

Yahoo_sport-app-to-watch nfl redzone live stream for free

The Yahoo Sports app allows users to stream NFL RedZone live exclusively on a mobile device through their app. However, it is only available to users located within the United States.

The app is free to download and use, with no monthly charges.

However, it should be noted that the timing accuracy of the matches on the app may not be as accurate as other similar apps in the category.

In addition to live streaming of NFL RedZone, Yahoo Sports provides live scores, statistics, news, and standings for your favorite leagues, teams, and players.

This app can be an excellent option for those looking for free streaming options and wanting to stay updated with the latest news and scores of the NFL.


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