I recently encountered this issue, when I try to play PES 21 on my PC using a ps4 or ps5 controller, the game doesn’t take any input from the controllers. The game is connected to my steam account and I had DS4 windows turned off since we have steam controller settings on top of that.

Obviously many people are facing this issue, but luckily for me after half an hour of shuffling the settings on steam and PES, this “ps4 controller not working on PES 21” issue seems to be fixed and working fine as it should be.

Hence, this is a step-by-step guide to fix ps4 controller not working on pes. Please go through the steps sequentially and hopefully that helps your resolve this problem.


Tested versions: PES 21 (steam copy) & PES 21 CPY Crack
Tested controllers: Sony DualShock 4 & Sony DualSense Wireless Controller

Notes before we start:

  1. If you are playing the steam version with a ps4 or ps5 controller, you don’t have to run DS4windows.exe.
  2. For crack version use DS4windows to configure PS controllers..
  3. For non PS controllers, just set the input mode to directinput in PES settings and select the controller. Map the buttons too.

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Steps to fix ps4 controller not working on PES 21

Step 1: Configure controller settings on steam (only works on steam copy of the game)

If you have purchased the game from the Xbox Store or a physical copy or playing the CPY version then this step is not necessary.

For the steam version, first and foremost make sure you have a connected controller via USB or Bluetooth. Once configured, (I believe most people would have done this already but in case you haven’t…)

  1. Open the steam application and click on steam at the top bar menu.
  2. Then select settings from the drop-down menu.
  3. On the new popup window select controller settings.
  1. Then click on general controller settings on the next window.
  2. Under controller settings –
    • Check PlayStation configuration support.
    • Check Xbox configuration support.

That’s it for the steam controller settings.

Step 2: Verify controller settings for PES 21

You want to make sure that the controller settings you have just configured are being applied to the game. To verify that,

  1. Go to steam game library.
  2. Select eFootball PES 21 then click on the “gear” icon on the right hand side.
  3. On the dropdown menu, select properties.
  1. A new window will pop, select controller on the left menu.
  2. You will get three options to override global controller settings for your game.
  3. As long as this setting is set to either “use default settings” or “enable steam input“, you’r fine. Just to make sure this is not set to “disabled steam input“.

Step 3: Configure controller on eFootball PES settings.exe file (Important!)

After everything has been set into your steam controller settings, the game settings file needs to be updated.

Locate the file at –

D:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\eFootball PES 2021 (replace D with your drive letter)

… then open settings.exe and go to the controller tab. Usually, the input should be set to Xinput, what you need to do is alter the input mode into DirectInput and check whether your controller is being detected or not.

If your controller is getting detected, don’t set it into DirectInput instead roll back to Xinput and click OK to save.


Step 4: Test the game

After everything has been well configured, it’s time to test your controller with the game. Go ahead and start the game and see whether it’s taking input from your controller. Try testing with both USB and Bluetooth connections (if you have the wireless module).

If you are still facing trouble (which you shouldn’t if you have followed all the way), try reconnecting the controller with your PC and then test again.

I have tested these settings on 5-6 PCs and different PS4/PS5 controllers with the same concern. They worked so I have high hope this guide resolves the ps4 controller not working on PES 21 issue for you.

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