How to play lego online games with your friends

lego is a way for kids to make their own playground like a puzzle. It encourages children to figure out puzzles and work together thus helping them to be more productive.

The introduction of Lego video games has certainly embraced a changing world where a majority of kids are attracted to video games. Gaming is a fairly common pastime among people of all ages thus playing lego video games is a fun pastime that people of any age can enjoy.

Even Roblox and Minecraft have a huge inspiration from LEGO, which has over 141 million active players in 2021 that keep on increasing in 2022.

The rapid availability of the Internet since the 1990s led to an evolution of online gaming and multiplayer experience. Although LEGO games have never had the traditional online multiplayer apart from Lego Star Wars the Complete Saga and Lego Indiana Jones 2 you still can play your favorite LEGO games with your friends.

In this article, we look into how to play lego online with your friends.

city-building-lego-game (1)

LEGO City Cargo Train

  • Build your Cargo Train, featuring a crane with a hook to load and unload heavy cargo, multiple cars, and a full circular train track!
  • Compatible with all LEGO construction sets
  • Includes four Minifigures: forklift driver, train driver, truck driver, and farmer.

How to play lego online games for free

You can play lego web games for free at lego’s official site. You can play LEGO city builder, speed champions, Star war battle run, Last Jedi, and many more.

  1. Visit
  2. Click on the start playing button to visit the play zone.
  1. Click on the [icon name=”gamepad” prefix=”fas”] icon on the top menu. (you don’t need to have an account to play)
image credit: Lego official site
  1. Select your preferred game from the featured game slider.
image credit:
  1. Click on play game to start a game on the browser.
  2. You can find your game category-wise from the find game by theme section.

Now though the lego site allows you to play LEGO web games online it doesn’t let you play games with your friends. To experience lego multiplayer you can use Parsec to invite your friends and play together.

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How to play lego games online with friends

To play with your friends you will be using an application called Parsec that allows you to connect to other people’s computers and share screens through streaming.

how to play lego online

Parsec is different from typically streaming applications since it allows other people to input controls into a streamed game. Follow these steps to play lego games with your friends using Parsec.

Step 1: Download Parsec And Create An Account

Visit and download the application. Parsec is available for Windows, macOS, Android, Ubuntu, and Raspberry Pi 3. To be able to host games you will need to have the Parsec standalone program on your PC instead of the Parsec web client.

Install and open Parsec on your PC. You will need to complete signup in order for able to use the Parsec client. Once signed up you can log into your Parsec account using the client.

play lego games with friends using Parsec

Step 2: Enable Hosting on Parsec

To host games on your computer you will need to allow connection from others. Hence you must enable the hosting feature on Parsec.

You can check your current host settings via the host file available on:


To enable hosting from Parsec go to parsec settings > click on the host tab> make sure the hosting is enabled.


Step 4: Download Your LEGO game

Having a LEGO game installed on your PC is a must when you are trying to experience multiplayer using Parsec. Go ahead and download your favorite LEGO game on your computer. You can download Batman LEGO games for free at

It’s recommended that you start playing your LEGO game a bit and level up before you invite your friends to join.

Step 5: Invite Your Friends to Parsec

To play games with your friends you will either need to invite them to connect to your PC or you will need to connect to their PC. Make sure both of you have a Parsec account and the Parsec client installed.

To add a friend on Parsec: Go to the friends tab and click on add friends.


Then search your friend by their name or Parsec ID. Once a request is sent to your friend they need to accept the invitation to establish the connection. By default, Parsec set minimal permission for each user which you can customize according to their needs.

An added friend will be available on the friend list to connect with every time they are online.

Step 6: Play LEGO Games With Friends

On Parsec who hosts the game will depend upon who owns the game. If both users have the game on their respective PC the game should be hosted by the one with a better internet connection.

To host a game start by launching the game on your PC and invite your friend using Parsec. Your friend has to accept the invitation for a connection to be established and then your screen will be shared with your friend.

The gamepad controls will be automatically assigned to your friend or guest so that they can play their part. You can still customize the permission for a connected user.

image credit: makeuseof. com

Additionally, you can set up a Discord server for better communication while playing together to fully enjoy the co-op experience.

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