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Amazon Prime Video gives access to accessibility features that can improve the user’s experience. The audio description feature, for example, provides a voice-over description of what is currently on the screen. This includes physical actions, objects on the screen, scene changes, background descriptions, costumes, and facial expressions.

For some users, this feature is extremely important for their overall enjoyment of the application. The audio description feature is included in the audio settings for various shows and movies. It is switchable on and off at the user’s discretion.

In some cases, the audio description might be playing when it is not intended to. This could be annoying as it describes the elements on the screen in between the actual audio.

This guide explains how to turn off audio description on Amazon prime video, a few audio description playback issues, and a few troubleshooting steps that could potentially solve issues related to an audio description on Amazon prime video.

How to turn off audio description on Amazon prime video via desktop

Follow these steps to turn off audio descriptions on Amazon prime video:

  1. On Amazon Prime Video, select a movie or TV show.
  2. Click on Watch Now.
  1. Select the Subtitles and Audio icon (it looks like a speech bubble)
  2. Then make sure to uncheck the Audio Description, and alternate audio (preferred) is checked.
  1. Once done, the audio description on the video will no longer appear.

How to turn off Prime Video Audio Description on Mobile

The steps in the mobile app to disable audio descriptions on Prime Video are similar to the desktop application. Follow these:

  1. Open the Amazon Prime Video app.
  2. Select your movie or show.
  3. Tap to play the video.
  4. Select the Subtitles and Audio icon (looks like a speech bubble)
  5. Ensure the Audio Description option is unchecked and alternate audio (preferred language) is checked.

How to turn off Audio Description on Amazon prime video using a Smart TV

If you are watching Amazon prime video on a smart TV, you can disable audio descriptions with these steps.

  1. Open the Amazon Prime Video app on your Smart TV
  2. Select your favorite movie or show.
  3. Play the Movie.
  4. Then navigate to the Audio & Languages option at the top right corner.
  5. You will need to select your preferred audio description option to conceal the audio description of the movie on your Smart TV.

Turning off the Audio Description in Amazon Prime is not working

Sometimes the audio description feature might not function correctly due to various typical factors. If switching the audio description to another language using the above procedures does not work, here are a few ways to troubleshoot and resolve it.

1. Switch Audio Description Settings

If switching to different audio does not turn off the audio description, you can repeat the same steps once again.

  1. First, select an audio with Audio Description and play the video.
  2. Then select the audio settings once again and switch your audio to another audio without Audio Description (try another language as well).

If the bug was temporary, these steps should be able to turn the audio description off.

2. Switch to Similar Language without Audio Description Option

This switch can sometimes prompt the Amazon Prime app to resolve any error that was causing issue with turning off of audio description. Switching to another language you understand can help you continue watching the movie without an audio description if switching to the most preferred audio did not turn off the audio description.

At this point, if nothing seems to work or lets you turn off audio description on Amazon prime video can get really frustrating. In such a situation, I would rather try changing the audio description on another video to see if this is an video specific issue or is subjected to all of the shows in Amazon Prime Video. In case the issue persists in all shows, it would be better to switch your device and continue watching without audio description.

3. Cast The Show From Your Phone To Your TV

If the steps to turn off audio description on Amazon prime video did not work, you could consider playing the same show on your phone and casting your screen to your TV. Then you can disable the audio description on your phone to watch the show on your TV without the audio description.

Additional ways to fix issues related to audio description on Amazon prime video

Applications are subject to bugs and glitches that can cause the app not to function correctly, and the same applies to Amazon Prime Video. While it is rare to encounter a bug or glitch due to which turning off the audio description is not working, it still is a possibility.

Here are the possible solutions that can fix turning off the audio description on Amazon Prime Video not working properly.

1. Clear Amazon Prime Video App Cache

The cache saves data about your app usage and uses it to speed up the startup process. These files can become corrupted, resulting in errors such as the audio description feature not working properly. Clearing your cache will remove these potentially incorrect files and reduce the chance of such issues.

2. Sign Out and Sign Back In

Sometimes the issue might be in the Amazon Prime Application itself; signing out and signing in back to the application typically resolves it.

3. Reinstall the App

If an application is corrupt or any of the core files is damaged, it causes the app not to function properly. In such a case, it is best to consider reinstalling your device’s Amazon Prime Video application. After that, try turning off the audio description on any show. If the issue persists, follow the next way.

4. Turn Off the TV

If you are on TV and unable to turn off audio description on Amazon prime video, you can try restarting the TV. Restarting your smart TV can fix it if the problem is temporary.

5. Reset All Setting On Amazon Prime

The option to reset all current user settings in the app to default can be found in the Amazon Prime Video settings menu. This is a good fix if you are unsure of the cause preventing turning off audio description on Amazon prime. After reverting Amazon Prime Video to default settings, try to turn off audio description and see if that helps.

6. Reach out to Amazon Prime support

If nothing lets you change or disable the audio description on the Amazon Prime Video application, you can contact Amazon Prime Video support through their website. You will need to explain your problem in a ticket and wait for their response to see if they can help.

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