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6 Simple Tips to Speed Up Your iPhone or iPad

Is your iPhone or iPad slow? Does it take too long to load apps? iPhones and iPads are known to be powerful devices that serve you for a long time.

However, after years of use, your gadget can get slow, but the good thing is that you can speed up your iPhone or iPad in several ways. Here are 6 simple ways to do it.

6 Simple Tips to Speed Up Your iPhone or iPad

1. Speed Up the Browser

iPads and iPhones use the Safari browser, and the browser can take up resources like RAM. Therefore, it is crucial to clear the cache to help speed up the browser. You can also speed it up by simultaneously regulating the number of tabs you can open.

Another advanced way of speeding up Safari is by disabling JavaScript. It eliminates some features on web pages to help them load faster.

2. Stop Automatic Updates

Your iOS could be downloading updates in the background, which could be another reason it is slow. Therefore, turn off automatic updates by switching off the toggle next to the updates section on settings.

This way, you will have stopped the automatic updates and only choose what you need to update. However, it is crucial to know that updating your apps is important for security reasons. Therefore, always look for the latest updates and don’t take too long to update your apps.

3. Free Up Space

Your device could be lagging because of insufficient space in the storage. If you have too many apps and content, it will slow down your device. The best thing to improve speed is to free up some space. Remove any unwanted apps, photos, videos, or music.

You can find a file you’ve downloaded that you no longer need and delete it. Make sure you have removed everything you don’t need occupying the space.

4. Close Apps Running in the Background

If you have apps in the background that are constantly running, it could be a reason why your device is slow. Therefore, boost the device by closing these apps when they are not used.

For instance, if your GPS location is on, consider closing it until when you need to use it. You can double-tap the home button to see these apps and close the ones you don’t need.

5. Restart Your Device Regularly

Another way of making your iPhone or iPad faster is restarting it regularly. Do it once a week to clear the memory and reset the crashing apps. Restarting the device also refreshes it. So, you need to press the home button together with the sleep button.

Do it at the same time until the Apple logo shows. You can then release the buttons, and the device will restart itself.

6. Disable App Notifications

You may have turned on some notifications, but getting notifications about everything on the iPhone or iPad can be problematic. 

Turn off the unnecessary notifications to help boost the speed. Go to notifications on settings and adjust the button according to your preference.


These are smart ways of making your iPhone or iPad faster. You have a powerful device that will serve you for a long time. So, get rid of anything unnecessary to speed it up.

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